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How to Use

How to connect

Gasfuse screws directly into an LPG cylinder. The hose and regulator from your appliance then screws into Gasfuse.

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For Major Leaks

If there is a major hose rupture, for example from a fire at the appliance or the hose detaching, you don’t need to do anything – Gasfuse will simply shut off whether you’re there or not. When the problem is fixed, just pump the gauge 3-4 times, and the gas will start flowing again. If the problem hasn’t been fixed properly and the hose ruptures again, Gasfuse will shutoff once more.

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For Leak Detection

You can determine if there are any leaks in any gas connection that has a Gasfuse attached. Turn the appliance off, and the LPG cylinder on. Pump the gauge 3-4 times to let the gas flow, then turn the LPG cylinder off. Now watch the gauge for a few minutes – if there is any leak, the needle on the gauge will move.

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As a Low Gas Indicator

Gasfuse tells you when you need to change cylinders or get a refill. Turn your appliance on and run it for a few minutes. The gauge is clearly marked and colour coded. When the needle falls into the red zone marked refill, you know you’ll be needing more gas soon.

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